Home Sweet Home

I have officially been back in the States for a week now! The last several weeks of camp were wonderful. I spoke a lot of Spanish, saw God move in powerful ways, made some unexpectedly sweet friendships, and was able to savor the things that could easily have become mundane – the daily grind of … Continue reading Home Sweet Home


Photo Update!

Hi everyone! I have finally been able to upload some photos, which you can find on the Photos page of this blog! In a matter of minutes I will be heading out of wifi territory, back to the camp property, for the third Native American camp. I can't believe I only have two weeks left! More … Continue reading Photo Update!

A Birthday Reflection

Last Thursday, I turned 21! I always get nostalgic and reflective around birthdays. Lately, I've been thinking about the tangible ways I have seen God's faithfulness since my last birthday. This year, God has given me sweet and powerful glimpses of both His provision and the beauty of His presence. Grace for Each Day This year, I moved into a house off-campus with … Continue reading A Birthday Reflection