The Adventure Begins

I’m sitting on the plane that will take me to Barcelona!

My life for the next 10 weeks has been packed into two suitcases and a backpack. Somehow, my checked suitcase (which includes a sleeping bag, beach towel, and battery-powered lantern) was EXACTLY 50lbs! Gotta celebrate those small victories when you can!

I want to say I’m feeling the jittery, can’t-even-handle-it kind of excited, but I’m not really, yet. I’m not feeling particularly nervous yet, either. Just content.

I feel like my mind is just now emerging out of the constant checklist-mindset the last few days have been.

Did you pack everything you need? Toothbrush? Sleeping bag? Flashlights? Did you pack enough underwear? Ok, what about your passport? Did you make sure to empty your SD cards? Do you have enough soap? You’re going to be there for 10 weeks. Sunscreen? Insect repellent? What about your passport? Don’t forget your passport!!

Now, the bags have been packed. Leg one of the journey is over and I’M ON THE PLANE TO BARCELONA!

Prayers for safety on the trip over would be much appreciated, as well as direction, a clear mind, and eyes to see God’s beauty once I land.

Hasta luego!


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