Here We Go!

I made it to Spain, safe and sound!

(I should note, I have a short amount of time and spotty wifi so this update is going to be more or less of a thought dump!)

Here’s what I saw as I flew in:

I was met at the airport on Saturday morning by two staff members from Camp L’Arcada, as well as a team of 16 guys from a church in Alabama and a father and son from Michigan who came to volunteer as a work crew this week. They’re working to build a cabin on the camp’s property!
(Side note, it’s a super exciting thing that L’Arcada is able to build these cabins… after 20 years, the Spanish government finally gave them the ok to build permanent structures on the land. This means the camp can operate in winter months, which means hundreds more kids will be able to hear the gospel each year!)

Since the work crew and I all flew in on the same day, and since my assignments with the multimedia team won’t start right away, I spent the weekend touring with them.

The L’Arcada staff took us on a tour around Barcelona on Saturday.

On Sunday, we got to go to a church in Girona. It was really sweet to worship with those Spanish brothers and sisters. And I was excited to have understood most of the service, which was in Spanish!
After church we drove out to Tossa de Mar, an adorable town on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We ate lunch there, then got to explore (and eat lots of gelato).

This week, I am helping a short term missionary here named Terri make the food & clean the kitchen both at the house the work crew is staying at and at the camp.

We prep breakfast in the morning at the house the work crew is staying at,

then help prep & clean up lunch at the camp,

(and take some pics of the cabin’s progress)

then make dinner back at the house.

Terri is from Texas and has been here in Spain since April, helping to host the different work crews that come from the States for a week at a time to help with projects at the camp. She’s totally gifted in hospitality and it’s a blessing to get to work alongside her. She has some crazy life stories and her faith in Jesus is so encouraging.

I tell ya, it’s been hilariously fun hanging out with these guys from Alabama and with Terri because of their southern drawls. I’ve also enjoyed meeting people from the camp and speaking Spanish with them. Y’all, I’m simultaneously picking up muchas palabras en español and a southern accent. Whaddya know.

Wifi is relatively unreliable so I figured I’d send out an update while I can! I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here so far, and I’m so thankful for the patience, joy, and strength God is faithful in providing each day.

Prayer requests:

  • for rejuvenating rest at night for Terri and the work crew
  • that the work crew would be able to finish the cabin during their time here this week
  • there is a lot to be done these next two and a half weeks as the L’Arcada staff prepares for camp to start, so pray that by God’s grace the important and essential things would get done.

Thanks for reading! I love you all!



2 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. Love seeing your beautiful pictures and hearing the excitement in your written words of all that God is doing in and around you! Praying for you and the entire camp team, for not only the preparation of the physical camp, but also for each and every heart, of camp staff, work crews, and campers. That this little place would be holy ground where everyone who comes will see and know Jesus. : )


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