Hello From Mordor

We’re in-between English Camp and Football/Volleyball Camp and I just moved in to a tent in the part of the property they call Mordor (so named because of the journey it takes to get out here, though right now the heat might have a factor, too!)

Here at camp, the days are long and the weeks are short. 

I sweat about half of my body weight every day, but I am surrounded by mountains, get to sleep under the stars, and I am developing a pretty awesome Chacos tan. 

I’m learning to love warm milk in my coffee and to dip my patatas fritas in mayonesa, and now I’m used to saying “gracias” with a th.

Wi(haven’t)Fi Posted In So Long?

It’s crazy that I’ve already spent 3 weeks at camp! Each week has been incredibly different, each full of new people and new routines and beautiful opportunities to both see and trust God in new ways. 

There is no access to wifi out where we are, so I can’t send updates as often as I was hoping to. I can connect to data between Saturday afternoon when the campers leave and Sunday evening when another group arrives, but pictures will be sparse because each one takes about 5 mins to load!

It is incredibly refreshing for me to be disconnected digitally and be fully connected out here, but I want you all to know that I care about you guys a lot and want to keep you updated! I am so thankful for those of you supporting me in prayer, and I really appreciate each one of you who has contacted me in one way or another, even if I can’t see it or respond right away. 

Now, what have I been up to??

Watching Communities Form

It is a beautiful thing to watch a group of strangers become a tightly-knit team all focused on the same goal. 

During my month here, I’ve gotten to witness this several times, each with a different group of people from all over the U.S. and world who volunteer their time to come serve at L’Arcada. 

And with each group, I have seen the Lord’s hand in helping us grow to love each other well, giving us strength we couldn’t manufacture on our own, using our weaknesses to show us His power, and using each of our different skills and personalities and life experiences to accomplish really cool things. 

Week 1 – Training Week

Training week for Basketball Camp was a sweet time of worship, team building games, and strong coffee. We learned about each other by sharing our testimonies, got to see how the camp runs, and learned how to do all the activities like archery, high ropes, and the Kamikaze (a giant slip-n-slide that goes into the pool!)

Part of the Basketball Camp staff out to eat at a Catalonian restaurant:

Our nightly view at camp:

Week 2 – Basketball Camp

Nothing could have prepared me for the wonderful craziness of a week at Camp L’Arcada. 

In the mornings, music is played over the loud speakers to wake everyone up. Breakfast consists of chocolate milk, Choco Duo on bread, and chocolate cereal, and during every meal you’ll hear songs, tipi cheers, and awesome beats made with cups and spoons.

Several coaches and a dozen players from the States came out to serve at Basketball Camp, and the campers had a blast with basketball clinics, 3 on 3 games, and a 5 on 5 league. Every day there was a topic of discussion based on Biblical concepts that the kids would talk about with their counselors during “Tipi Talk.” In the afternoons, they got to do each of the other camp activities. 

As the multimedia team, we get to experience it all. My responsibility as videographer is to document everything that happens and make a video for the end of every day, highlighting each day’s activities. 

It is a lot of running all around camp filming, going back to “La Cueva” to edit, 

then running around camp again to film some more. It is exhausting, but I enjoy being able to practice my technical skills while making something that helps remind campers and staff alike that they are part of something really cool. 

I see a lot of this:

And this:

Editing away!

After the campers left on Saturday, the Basketball staff got to tour the city of Girona!

Week 3 – English Camp

English Camp started the day after Basketball Camp ended. It had a totally different feel than Basketball Camp – different kids and different staff, with crafts, English-learning activities, and big group games instead of basketball. But, it was a blast. 

I also had a different role in multimedia – some of my team members took on the task of the daily videos, so I got to work on a few other videos for the camp that will be used later in the year. 

Again, I loved watching the team come together and be able to love the kids well even despite the language barrier and the exhaustion that comes with being at camp. 

A random pic of the inside of my tipi:

Some English camp staff:

And last night, the English staff went into Girona! I enjoyed putting on a dress and eating gelato. 


Here We Go, Camp #3!

And now, I’m here sweating in Mordor, preparing myself for the football & volleyball campers to come this evening. 

I will be head videographer again, so it will be another full week! I’m excited to get to know the volunteers who have come as volleyball players, football players, coaches, and other staff over the next few days. They had their training week while we were running English camp, so I haven’t spent much time with them yet. 

Please pray that God would continue His work of refining us, leading us into deeper relationships with Himself, knitting us together as a team, and reaching people here with the love of Christ and truth of the gospel. Please pray for renewed strength, continued energy, endurance, and abundant patience. 




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